Artisans in Industrial Scotland

Jenny Blain.
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Additional: My mother's family

The Whytes and Boyds

Marion Fisher, my great-grandmother, was the daughter of William Fisher and Margaret Whyte. The preceding section looks at the Fishers.

I've tried tracking the other side, Margaret Whyte or White's people, and this section gives material from notes. Here I have Margaret Whyte, born Muiravonside, chr. 26 October 1823, daughter of James Whyte and Marion Boyd who were married 10 May 1822. Other children born to them are:

MARY WHYTE - 27 MAY 1827 Muiravonside, Stirling, Scotland
EUPHEMIA WHYTE - chr. 22 FEB 1829 Muiravonside, Stirling, Scotland
GEORGE WHITE - 06 JUN 1830 Muiravonside, Stirling, Scotland
and in the 1841 census there is a George Whyte aged 19, living on his own in Linlithgow Bridge, and a shoemaker. (All the ages for adults in this census may be a few years out.) Possibly the names Euphemia and George, which recur in subsequent generations, come from this side of the family.

I've looked for material on James Whyte/White and Marion Boyd. At first there were various possibilities for James Whyte. One possibility was that James White was son of William Whyte and Jean Baxter, born 1795 - they had other children, Margaret b 1793, Agnes 1806, William 1808 and Helen 1814. However another possibility turns out to be more likely: A cousin let me know that in the 'Pendlebury Lairs' - the burial plots where those Pendleburys who died in the late 19th century - there was the burial of a child Henry White in 1884.

Tracking the birth and death of young Henry gave clues to the Whytes. To be in the Pendlebury lairs, he was surely connected in some way. His parents were Alexander Anderson Whyte and Jane Bartholemew Black - Alexander b. 1845 in Linlithgow. Alexander's father was Andrew Whyte, b. 10 Oct 1818 in Linlithgow (and died 1890 in Polmont) who, according to a distant cousin descended from him, was a blacksmith. Andrew was the son of John Whyte and Mary Scot - and had a brother, James, at the other end of the family, born 5 July 1801 in Linlithgow, surely the James who married Marion Boyd.

So we have - from suggestions in IGI most of which are supported or confirmed by parish records viewed in Edinburgh:

Marion Boyd seems to be the daughter of George Boyd, and we then go back through several George Boyds. There is birth of 'Maran Boyd' to George Boyd and Margaret Young, chr 11 DEC 1796 Muiravonside. Their children include

Maran 1796
George 1799
Margaret 1801
Andrew 1803
John 1806
Janet 1808
John 1811
Mary 1813
Agnes 1816

George Boyd appears to be in turn the son of another George Boyd - but there may be a confusion of generations here and I'll have confirm it with my notes from the ScotlandsPeople website.

Margaret Young could be either the daughter of Walter Young and Janet Shaw, b. 1772, or Andrew Young and Marion Scot b. 3 March 1771. Given that the name of her eldest daughter was Marion (Marren) the latter seems more likely... Marion Scot, in turn, is daughter of David Scot and Margaret Grey, b. 30 April 1746, and Andrew Young is son of John Young and Mary Paul, born 18 Oct 1746, all Muiravonside...

More may follow... watch this space...

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