Farmers and Craftspeople:

Jenny Blain.
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New findings: My father's family:
  1. Blains in Wigtownshire and Greenock
    1. The Blains: from Wigtownshire to Greenock
    2. Wigtownshire Blains: farming families and change
  2. Philip and Bell: from the Forth to the Clyde
  3. A possible link: Philps in Leith, Cunningham and Couts in Edinburgh
  4. Knaggs, Mushet and Gorrie lines
    1. The Knaggs family and the sea
    2. James Mushet and Helen Gorrie
    3. Mushets in Ayrshire and Perthshire
    4. Perthshire Gorrie connections
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My father's family

Gorries in Perthshire

Perthshire connections: to follow!

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