Farmers and Craftspeople

The Move to Industrialisation:
New and expanded material since initial writing of the paper.

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CURRENTLY PLEASE LINK TO OLD TofC to access most of these sections other than the Browns and the Lynchs, Haugheys, and Cassidy, some of the Linlithgow materials,  and - on my father’s side - the Gorries.

My mother's family: 

Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge, the lines of her grandmother Marion Fisher

  1. Marion Fisher’s ancestry  (with short outline tree) 
  2. William McCulloch and Ann Simson - with other pages linked from these
  3. The Whytes and others in Linlithgow Bridge and Linlithgow

The Lanarkshire weavers, the lines of her grandfather John Pendlebury

  1. The Browns, a Glasgow weaving family 
  2. Pendlebury, from Lancashire to Lanarkshire (to follow)

The lines of her grandparents Thomas Lynch and Margaret Cassidy

  1. Lynch, Haughey and Cassidy: Dundee and Glasgow – with Irish connections still to be explored.
  2. Cassidy - a Dundee Irish family, though not ‘mine’.

My father's family: 

Blains in Wigtownshire and Greenock

  1. Blains in 19th century Wigtownshire and the move to Greenock
  2. Blain Farmers in Wigtownshire

Knaggs, Mushet and Gorrie lines

  1. the Knaggs and McLachlans
  2. James Mushet and Helen Gorrie
  3. Mushets in Ayrshire and Perthshire
  4. The Gorries of Culnacloich, Perthshire

From the Forth to the Clyde: Philip and Bell

  1. Kermack and Philp in Fife and Angus, Philip and Bell in Leith and Queensferry (in preparation)
  2. Robert Philp, grocer in Leith, and his possible connection to the line of James Philp
  3. From Leith and Midlothian: Philp, Renton and Douglas (in preparation)
  4. An earlier speculative link - not mine but retained for interest; Cunningham and Couts in Edinburgh (various files are linked from an index page here)

My father's family: tree pages of the ancestors of my grandfather Peter Blain, some of this speculative.

References for the above sections are given on the page where they occur. ‘In preparation’ work is still to be turned into webpages for uploading.

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