Pendlebury, from Lancashire to Lanarkshire

My mother’s mother was Margaret Pendlebury, first child of Marion Fisher (for whom see the Linlithgow connection pages. linked from the menu bar on left) and John Pendlebury. Marion already had a son, Alexander Hay, and John had two children, Marion and Janet, from his first marriage, two other children having died very young. Marion and John were married in Glasgow in  and there is some information about their family in the first paper on Artisans in Industrial Scotland, which I wrote for post-graduate credit many years ago, before and development of internet genealogy. The relevant part of that original paper is at and the whole can be accessed from the ‘Artisans’ link at the top of this page.

Much more information has of course become available to me since that time!

In this section, therefore, I’ll outline what I’ve found about the paternal ancestry of John Pendlebury, Glasgow weaver. His mother was Marion Brown, and her family is discussed in the secton on The Browns, a Glasgow weaving family (linked from the menu sidebar).

Here is a short ‘tree’ showing what I’ve found so far. This includes some of the Browns, though here I’m concentrating on the Pendleburys, Seddons and Westheads.

As John Pendlebury and Marion Fisher have been already discussed (though there’s much scope to develop this further at a later date!) I’ll go on now to John Pendlebury, hand-loom weaver, and his parentage.

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