The Linlithgow connection...

Linlithgow Parish, in West Lothian, includes the historic Royal Burgh of Linlithgow with the ‘landward’ parts around. This part of my ancestors website includes nearby parishes - Torphichen and Bo’ness in West Lothian, Muiravonside and Slamannan in Stirlingshire, and further back Falkirk parish, as Muiravonside formed part of Falkirk until 1648, though it had a church before then.

People moved between these areas, but Linlithgow burgh was key to the area, along with the port of Bo’ness. Trade extended far beyond the parish bounds with Linlithgow area people becoming, for example, merchants in Rotterdam as evidenced within testaments of several Linlithgow burgesses.

Years ago, I made a small start to this complex area of my family history (accessed via the old table of contents) so it’s time to greatly update and expand the material that was there. I’ll start with an overview of the Ancestors of Marion Fisher, and add pages giving details where I’ve found these. 

Marion, my great-grandmother, is shown in the image on the left, with her husband John Pendlebury, a weaver, in Glasgow. She was born in Muiravonside, either in the upstairs rooms of the Bridge Inn, or more likely in the house just across the small road from there. The Bridge Inn with the few houses around forms part of Linlithgow Bridge, although it’s just across the Avon from Linlithgow parish (and so from Linlithgow Bridge proper), so that the census address was Linlithgow Bridge, Muiravonside.

On now to the ancestors of Marion Fisher...

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