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So here is a beginning, and some developments from it... please check back for more material, over time. And please remember that the original material I wrote was, initially, a paper for post-graduate credit. I hope that you, the readers, may find it useful, persist with reading it, and contribute your comments and, hopefully, further information... you can email me at jenny'AT'

  1. Farmers and Craftspeople: New material from 2005-15 (19th, 18th, and 17th centuries). The newer, more accurate stuff that goes further back in time.
  2. Artisans in Industrial Scotland: the initial history with some updates (the 19th and 20th centuries). The original paper, with some inaccuracies flagged up.

Farmers and craftspeople: the move to industrialisation

New and expanded material since initial writing of the paper.

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Artisans in Industrial Scotland

Jenny Blain
The original paper with some corrections
Initially submitted to the Advanced Seminar on the Family, January 1988.

Copyright © J. Blain 1988, 2005, 2008
Introductory note and acknowledgements

I My mother's family

  1. Janet Lynch, her parents and siblings and their home life
  2. The Pendleburys and Fishers
  3. The Lynch family

II My father's family

  1. William Blain and his parents and siblings
  2. The Knaggs line
  3. The Blain family

III From Glasgow to Dundee: my mother's story

IV Industrialisation and Change

Footnotes (were separate in the original, but are here included with each page)


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